Top 100 Solutions

The ever growing Interconnection of environmental solutions to be researched reviewd discussed,illustrated and enacted,visited and enjoyed.Filmed transferred to web, knowledge shared and put into action.

A ‘Green Sustainable University of Solutions’ on the World Wide web.

Solutions Catogories


Renewable Energy

Wind Power

Solar, Water, Geothermal

Wave power

Micro Hydro Bike

Kinetic energy power generation

Pave Gen – Converting Footsteps into energy ,Data and Rewards

Kinetic Energy Dance Floor

Bio mass

Bio fuels

Vegetable Oil

Compressed Air engines

Sterling Engines

Electric Vehicles

Algae power

Bio Remedial Plants / mushrooms


Reduce / Reuse / Recycle /Reclaim

Geodesic Domes Buckminster Fuller designs for sustainability



Bio Char

Solar Cookers and dryers

Solar Electric Air ships

Japanese Waste Plastic into oil machine

Hemp : food ,fuel,fibre and medicene.

Agro Forestry

Companion Planting

Herbal remedies

Water Filters


Earth Ships

Life Straw- dirty to clean drinking water device.

Low Impact dwellings

Emergency quick post disaster dwellings

Bio Architecture

Environmental Places and Communities & Networks

Mass tree planting campaigns.

Green Fairs

Community centres

Resource and skill sharing spaces

Tesla Technology

Bio remedial mushrooms reduce oil spills

Roof Gardens

growing walls and architecture

Vertical farms


Micro energy generation

Greening and reclaiming deserts