Inside Bonn Zone Exhibition

A few photos from the many we took at the main Bonn climate summit exhibition. Sadly, unlike at Paris climate summit, the amazing variety of projects was not accessible to the general public. Only those who had registered over a month ago could enter. Many people we spoke to had tried to get in but were turned away. Only by using our Solution Zone Jedi powers, could one of our intrepid roving reporters enter to share these photos with you. We filmed some great solutions videos on hydrogen powered trains, Indian Centres educating the youth via interactive games, kinetic energy generating floors, bike generators, UN Youth Groups and Nigerian tree planting projects amongst others. This shows why it is important that the main summit area should be accessible to the general public. Many more pictures and videos packed with info and solutions to follow over the next days. We hope that the main exhibition in Poland climate summit next year will be once again be open access. #cop23 #solutionsnow #Bonn #uniting4climate #systemchange not #climatechange –

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