Solution Zone projects

Solution Zone is driven by grass roots activists and people who are dedicated to caring for our communities and our environment. As such we are connected with active groups and projects right across the world who are creating and applying local solutions.

We will be working closely to support projects that need  help and that we can all learn from. We will be asking you to connect with and contribute to our projects in various ways. We all need to work together, make positive impact and stay closely connected.

It may be that we can support a remote rural village by providing gravity lights or water sticks, or offer helping hands with volunteer hours at home or afar. There will be need of friendship, time, donations and sponsored products that we can all buy and contribute. We will be launching and following each project in the months ahead.

Please subscribe and follow us to empower yourself, your friends and networks to help make direct change in the lives of people near and far as we work to help each other.

If you are involved in a project, solution, group or action that you would like us to support or feature, please contact us