Solution Zone TV away team to the Bonn Climate Summit Cop 23

Solution Zone TV (SZTV) crew have landed in Bonn to hunt out and film solutions.
This year the solutions theme that SZTV pioneered at the Copenhagen Climate Summit back in 2009 and networked ever since, seems to have spread far and wide. There is a growing sustainable development solutions’ network. Almost 200 countries have come to COP23 to accelerate climate action. There are talks, workshops and presentations all across the city, the world gathers to share solutions for a sustainable future. Low energy emission solutions, ocean clean-up, sustainable agriculture, ecovillages, as well as the youth’s role in promoting renewable technologies, are some of the many topics.

The conference transport system has seen a major effort to promote sustainability in practice during the main CoP conference. Electric and zero emission buses, conference bikes and even an electric modular truck designed for Sub-Saharan Africa by the Technical University of Munich, a hydrogen fuel cell car, and even a hydrogen powered train that only emits water!

Individuals, as well as groups, have travelled from across the globe to join formal and informal conference activities and spread the solutions’ message in action. Our first film was about the elders from Cornwall, who cycled all the way to Paris and on to Bonn, in order to deliver a message. They talked about 10 simple pledges that anyone can do that can have a big effect on climate change. From switching to a green energy supplier, walking, cycling, using public transport, to buying local produce or educating yourself about climate change, these are some of the things you can do. The rest of this simple list includes reducing your holiday air miles, working on your carbon footprint and getting a home energy saving check.

It is important to realise that we can all make a difference to climate change by making small actions and focussing on solutions. Putting sustainability at the heart of our everyday choices. We also spoke to Green party members and anti-coal activists calling for more renewable energy. The transition from fossil fuel to the energies of the future is well underway but must be accelerated.

There is an amazing Climate Planet project that takes you on a multi-million year time travel from the beginnings of the earth right up to the industrial revolution and onto our present climate warming crisis.

Virtual reality projects transported us to see the climate crisis in Fiji and Refugee camps in Syria.
Sustaina Claus talked about the need to reduce our consumption, switch off our electrical devices, disconnect from the constant cyber communication matrix and talk to our friends and neighbours.

More from the frontlines of change with Solution Zone TV soon.